Media Detective Web-based Training

Media Detective Web-based Training

Course Title
Media Detective Web-based Training
Web-delivered training course on media literacy education and how to teach the Media Detective lessons to students.
  • To understand the problem of underage drinking and smoking.
  • To learn the research on using media literacy education for the purpose of substance use prevention.
  • To understand and be able to explain the theory underlying the Media Detective program.
  • To learn, practice, and apply logical analysis skills associated with deconstructing media messages to alcohol and tobacco advertising.
  • To learn the purpose, objectives, alignment of program activities and objectives, and implementation strategies of each Media Detective lesson.
  • To learn about the effectiveness of the Media Detective program.
  • Underage Drinking and Smoking
  • The Pervasiveness and Persuasiveness of Media Messages
  • Media Literacy Education for Substance Use Prevention
  • The Message Interpretation Processing Theory
  • Deconstruction of Media Messages
  • Media Detective Program Materials
  • Media Detective Program Scope and Sequence
  • Media Detective Lesson Content & Pedagogical Methods
  • Fidelity of Program Implementation
Target Audience
Teachers or other educators interested in using the Media Detective program with late elementary school-aged students.
Course Delivery
Use of rich multi-media

The Media Detective Certification Process is an assessment system developed to ensure that Media Detective Instructors have learned the necessary content and skills in order to effectively teach the Media Detective program to their students.

Part I of the certification process involves the completion of all web-based lessons included in the course.

Part II of the certification process involves receiving a passing score on the multiple-choice Knowledge Assessment Test. You will be provided with the opportunity to take this assessment test after you have viewed all of the lessons. Please note that you make retake this assessment as many times as needed to receive a passing score.

Part III, the final step of the certification process, involves receiving a passing score on the Media Deconstruction Assessment Test. This Test involves a series of open-ended questions providing teachers with the opportunity to apply their media deconstruction skills to analyzing real alcohol and tobacco ads.

After successfully passing the Media Deconstruction Assessment, you will be considered a certified Media Detective Teacher and can print out a copy of your Media Detective Teacher Certificate online after completing the Course Evaluation. Please allow at least 4 weeks to receive your results.

Note: Please note that because the Media Deconstruction Assessment Test is hand-graded, you will only be given one chance to pass this assessment without paying an additional fee. Trainees who do not pass the Media Deconstruction Assessment Test will be contacted with information on how to purchase a chance to retake the test at a nominal charge.

Additional Resources
  1. Media Detective Curriculum Kit containing materials necessary to teach the Media Detective program.
  2. Downloadable Certificate of Completion PDF indicating completion of the Teacher Training Course lessons and passing of the Media Detective Teacher Certification Assessment Tests.
  • Self-administered and Self-paced
  • Commentary provided by Dr. Janis Kupersmidt, innovation Research & Training, Principal Investigator and developer of the Media Detective program.
Developed, in part, with funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Grant Number R44 DA016044. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of NIDA or the National Institutes of Health
Time to Complete
4 - 6 hours

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